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General Public Services

Easy Cybersecurity Compliance Solutions for Everyone

General public cybersecurity services are necessary because everyone has an online identity. First of all, your cell phone number and mobile device may become more important than your Social Security number.  Social networks contact you through your cell phone number. You can take your phone number with you regardless of your carrier. This number can last a lifetime. After all, your reputation is hard to recover after an identity thief destroys it. Because your phone number is tied to your identity, you must protect it.

Secondly, your mobile device and the information on it can pose a serious risk to you if it is lost or stolen.  A compromised mobile device can allow an identity thief to change passwords to your online accounts. Because of this, they can impersonate you on social media and open credit accounts in your name. Consequently, this causes great financial harm.

Of course, your Social Security number is still critical, and this section contains methods to protect it. This section also has helpful hints to protect your mobile devices and online identity.  Some hints are common sense, such as never leave your cell phone on your dashboard. Others will be not be so obvious. For instance, you do not have to provide your Social Security number on most medical forms if you have an insurance ID.

Therefore, you must protect your information, your identity, and yourself. Your Cybersecurity Matters makes this process simple and easy.