Achieve NIST SP 800-171 Compliance and Accreditation

Cybersecurity as a service is essential if you are small commercial company providing contract support to the Federal Government, providing a service to your community, or simply engaging in outreach. This is because all of these involve collecting personal information about your employees and your clients.

You also may have company confidential information. These includes bids and proposals, contracts, and marketing material that could harm to your business if someone discloses this information. In addition, your company can experience ransomware attacks, spyware, or denial of service.

Attack Vectors for Small Business

Unfortunately, most small businesses are not aware of the attack vectors that others use to steal corporate information.  While a company may have secured their “networked infrastructure,” if is not secure if the company uses point-of-sales applications, has web cameras protecting the infrastructure, uses a key card device to secure sensitive areas, or allows employees to view corporate mail via cell phone. These additional inroads to your corporate network provides avenues for hackers to infiltrate and deliver malware to harm your business.

Sixty percent of small companies that suffer a cyber attacks are out of business within six months. [1]  Cyber attacks on small and medium businesses are at 6% in 2017 and are expected to increase in 2018.  The reason is simple – small and medium sized businesses are easy targets.

1. GARY MILLER, GEM Strategy Management PUBLISHED: October 23, 2016 at 12:01 am | UPDATED: March 24, 2017 at 12:29 pm

Affordable Cybersecurity Solutions

As mentioned, small and medium sized businesses cannot afford the luxury of having an Information Assurance department manage or mitigate these risks.  Most companies give this responsibility to the IT department – which usually consists of a person who has some networking experience and knows how to set up the mail servers.  IT personnel are trained to get the infrastructure to “work,” which is a completely different skill set than to make the infrastructure “secure.”

Now you can hire the IA support you need to help your company address these concerns and implement protection strategies, as well as have this support only when needed.  We call this Information Assurance as a Service (IAaaS).

Cybersecurity as a Service

Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other companies have been providing cloud services for Infrastructure (IaaS), Software (SaaS), Platform (PaaS) to allow companies to only purchase the services they need when they need it.  At Your Cybersecurity Matters, we have taken this same service model and turned it into personnel support on demand.

Our IA people are Certified Information Security Professionals with a minimum of 10 years of experience supporting networks housing very sensitive information that are the targets of multiple attacks vectors on a daily basis.  As such, these individuals have hands-on experience on strategies to protect your company from those hoping to use similar exploits to attack your company.

Plan of Actions and Milestones Security Shield

Do you have a plan for your company to recover from an attack that encrypts all your databases?

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Is anyone monitoring user log activity?

Accreditation Letter

Do you install the latest patches for the operating systems and applications used by your employees?

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Are you familiar with “best cybersecurity” practices from NIST?

Security Test and Evaluation Shield

If your company runs a back-up, do you periodically test the backup to assure the information can be restored?

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